Wooden Carved Tripod Stand

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Wooden Cobra Tripod Stands are hand carved in India out of a single piece of Sheesham wood or Indian Rosewood. No two are exactly alike, and the popular cobra head is featured as part of the design. Both Hindus and Buddhists have special reverence for the cobra which represents eternity. It unfolds into a stand approximately 6" diameter. This hand-carved wooden tripod stands sturdily on three legs and is used to hold Abalone Shells, Vases, Planters, Bowls, Dishes, Pots, Kettles, Tea Pots, Eggs, Gems, Rocks, Spheres, Crystals or small burners. A wonderful way to display and hold items on your altar. This wood cobra style tripod is the ideal way to cradle your abalone shells or smoke cleansing bowls. It can also be used as a large sphere holder. The tripod can fold up when not in use & measures approx. 6" in length.