The Big Visions Book

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The Big Visions book is two books in one - a 400-page art book and book of meanings for both Prisma Visions and Cosma Visions 1st Edition. It contains never before released reversed meanings for Prisma Visions and an extensive look at making a tarot deck. 

This book was published before the 2nd edition of Cosma Visions Oracle and does not include the meaning of the card Dreamworld. Item Specs: * Roughly 200 pages dedicated to Prisma Visions and 200 pages dedicated to Cosma Visions * Full-Color Illustrations for every card * Meanings for the first 6 editions of Prisma Visions 79th cards included.  * Hardcover bound with gold and blue foil printing and embossing.  * Black Ribbon page saver * High-quality glossy art pages