Blue Columbine // Flower Essence // Manifest a Spiritual Life

Blue Columbine // Flower Essence // Manifest a Spiritual Life

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HARMONIZING QUALITIES It is beauty and playfulness of spirit that Blue Columbine calls to, gently unfolding the layers of our truest self to confidently manifest our spiritual gifts in the world. It cocoons us in confidence, supporting us as we sing our song, dance our dance, and step into a new chapter of our life biography. Blue Columbine is an ally of our spirit and pleasure pathways, bringing a sense of easeful play so that we may express the pure joy of being alive and fully ourselves. For those who are ready to manifest a spiritual life, an array of blessings are provided–from the uplifting, to joyful determination.

PATTERNS OF IMBALANCE This flower can help those who find it difficult to laugh and play. It will help you find your unique way of lightening up. Playfulness is where joy resides.

FLOWER ESSENCES are the liquid infusion of a fresh flower or plant’s ‘chi’ or life-force. They do not have a scent and work through the acupuncture meridians to shift our mental scenery.

1oz bottle