The Great Workbook- Tarot Symbolism Journal

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The Great Work Book is a combination journal, logbook and activity book for organizing the information one will find during the study of tarot and its related subjects. This study aid allows students to use their resources of choice to log the many symbols of the Tarot into grids and lists in a way that gives meaning to their deep and overlapping relationships to one another.

Size: 6.75in x 9in x 1in. Binding Style: Concealed wire, black. 250 pages + cover. Cover: Double folded 324 gsm (120 lb.) uncoated paper Text: Uncoated, 118 gsm (80 lb.) text weight opaque paper in a warm white shade. Chapter Dividers: 216 gsm (80 lb.) cover weight Kraft paper. Printed and assembled in Asheville, NC, USA.

Over 250 Pages with 17 tarot related activities on Astrology and Qabalah (including 7 fold-out) + 189 journal pages designed specifically for each Zodiac sign, Tree of Life Sephira & Path, and tarot card in a traditional 78-card deck. Symbol, color, and deck reference charts included.