Labradorite Polished Freeform Stone


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Lovely polished freeform Labradorite from Madagascar. Magic in all the shifting colors. Iridescent flash to deep color spectrums.

Stone weighs 609.2 grams approx 1.25 pounds
Measures 3.5 inches in length and 3 inches wide. Just shy of 2 inches in thickness and stands upright on it's own.

LABRADORITE - Labradorite promotes psychic abilities, occult powers, strength of will and a feeling of inner worth. Labradorite strengthens and protects our aura and teaches us to use mystical Power wisely and well. This stone also aids us in communicating with our highest self and with the Creator. Stone of transformation and reflection.

CHAKRA//  Heart, Third Eye and Crown 
ELEMENT//  Water, Wind

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