Sacred Datura // Flower Essence // Soul Expansion + New Perspective

Sacred Datura // Flower Essence // Soul Expansion + New Perspective

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HARMONIZING QUALITIES When we feel that we need re-examination and change, Sacred Datura honors us by giving us the courage to let go of the familiar and secure; opening the doors of our perception to break down the walls, bust through the ceilings, expand, invite new people in, and change the programming. At different times in our lives, our souls urge us to let go of who we think we are and to step into new expanded experiences of reality, allowing us to evolve and discover that we are something more.

PATTERNS OF IMBALANCE Use Sacred Datura to help dissolve illusions and perceptions, let go of a relationship, or ideas of how we want things to be. This is a flower for bringing us out of denial, shattered dreams, or limiting beliefs so that we can obtain a greater point of view.

DOSAGE 7 drops, 3x daily in 2-4 week cycles as needed + On the tongue + In the bath + In water

ARTISAN FORMULA **Wild Datura Flowers (Datura stramonium) infused in spring water and artesian well cane spirits.

1oz Bottle